Advisory Board

Mernice Oliver

Founder and President, NAAWI

Mernice Oliver, affectionately known as Coach Mo is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, trainer, mentor and consultant dedicated to helping women insurance professionals create their ideal lives, businesses and careers.

After more than two decades of working in the insurance industry, Mernice founded the National Association for Advancement of Women In Insurance, a supportive community that empowers women insurance professionals through personal growth, leadership, career development and entrepreneurship. She is also the President & Head Coach at Mernice Oliver International, LLC a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to help women insurance entrepreneurs launch, build, grow and scale thriving insurance agencies through her programs, products, retreats, and trainings.

She offers training coaching and consulting using her calming the chaos philosophy back by over 20 years of research to help women leaders build sustainable and thriving lives, career and businesses. Mernice is a graduate of Albany State University. She is inspirational, transformational, and your partner for individual and organizational success.

Dr. Taunya Lowe

NAAWI Education Chairperson

The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC

Dr. Taunya is a national and international consultant, facilitator, trainer, and coach; She is witty, engaging and thoroughly enjoys the process of transferring knowledge and collaborating with a variety of clients in order to equip them with the tools needed to provide quality service and lead during evolving times.

Marcel De Bary Gagnon

NAAWI Membership Chair

Chief Sales Officer, ONEGROUP Risk Management and Insurance

Marcel De Bary Gagnon turns vision into action by equipping teams with solutions that elevate individual performance and transform organization results.  A dynamic leader with a career that spans sales, finance and technology, she is recognized for creating collaborative cultures that drive product innovation, service excellence, and operational effectiveness.